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Our Mission with “Voces de Cultura”  was to embrace the latino art, creativity and traditions.

Our first episode was aired on August 26th 2017.

Interview with Udini La Voz 
Interview with Lucero Robles

Interview with Pedro Villegas 

Book Author of ” Loco in the Badlands”.

Angélica Y. Rodriguez / for Voces de Cultura

Just like out of an action movie: Pedro Villegas writes a sci fi story inspired in true personal events.

Pedro was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States where he was raised in the 1950’s economically -depressed, racially-charged Harlem. 

As a Young man he began his carrier as a police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  and worked his way up to undercover agent and Supervisor of Covert Investigations.

-“I was nicknamed “Loco” by my Sargent during my time on the force and got stuck with me from that day forward”, the author explained. 

The book was published  in August 24th of 2017. It took “Loco” twenty years to finish the story due to details and delicate information.

The story is about his life as the first Hispanic- undercover agent and how he infiltrated hand to hand bust on the world’s largest drug cartel.

-“In  1989, the drug-trafficking in Philadelphia was an all- time high”, Pedro shared. “The name”Badlands”refers to northern and western parts of the city”.

We asked Pedro to give us an insight regarding the drug situation in the city now compared to the 80’s.

It is much worse now because with technology it is easier and faster to communicate and to share information”, he said.

Because we often see these type of stories in action and drama movies in which there’s always a romance-plot involved, I wondered if he secretly had a love story of his own.

“I was wealthy and powerful, so this was something that attracted many women”, “however I didn’t want anything serious with someone  inside this world”.  “I needed to protect myself, falling in love would have been a weakness that could have jeopardize everything that I worked for”.

Pedro wants to be voice of law and order. He shares his story in hopes to prevent new generations to fall into the badlands. 

“Loco in the Badlands”, soon to be an action TV series!

Book Available in Amazon & Barnes and Nobles.