“My best friend, Dylan!” is the story of a girl whose best friend has a skin condition called “Psoriasis”. She absolutely loves him and goes above and beyond to make him smile. It is a beautiful and amazing story about friendship, kindness and acceptance!

Psoriasis is not contagious,

awareness is! 

Teaching Empathy, Friendship and Acceptance!

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Author: Angélica Y. Rodríguez

Illustrator: Krystel Ivannie

Krystel Ivannie is a world traveling tattoo artist, water colorist and illustrator from San Germán, Puerto Rico. From a very young age, she loved drawing cartoon and experimented with different art media such as painting, water color and digital art.

In 2010 she graduated from Inter American University of Puerto Rico- San Germán earning a bachelor’s degree in Visual arts; and in the same year she started her tattooing career. Currently, she travels around the world as a guest artist tattooing her signature watercolor/ sketchy style.

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Sketches of the main characters, Ana Grace and Dylan.