Meet Angélica

¡Hola! Nice to meet you, I’m Angélica!

I’m a children’s book author living in the City of Brotherly Love! I write stories about diversity, acceptance and inclusion to embrace kindness and compassion.

Coming from a bilingual household, I realized the importance of bilingualism in literature, as I discovered there aren’t many books with this structure. Inspired by my pets, Isla (a calico cat) and  Sirena (a Siberian Husky) I decided to write my first book, Bubba the Purple Cat.

“Bubba the Purple Cat” is a bilingual book series and was published in 2016. My husband who’s an amazing graphic designer, created the illustrations! I discovered my passion in this industry, the responsibility and importance of writing meaningful stories.

The story of Bubba continues with a third book, which we are hoping to publish this year 2019.

I am currently promoting my new book which will be available very soon! It is titled “My best friend, Dylan”. My mission with this book is to create awareness about the autoimmune condition called “Psoriasis”. It is a beautiful story about friendship and kindness, a definitely must read! 

I also run a news and entertainment radio show  titled “El Garabato” on  USALA Media! (Philadelphia, PA).

I hope my stories make a  positive impact in your life, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 


Angélica Y. Rodríguez 

  Younger me reading a poem I wrote at The Poet’s Passage.
San Juan, Puerto Rico. (2014)