El Garabato: con Angélica y Lu

El Garabato (The Scribble in English) is an open topic program with mainly- but not limited- focus on Puerto Rican Art, Entertainment, Tourism, News and Culture.

Segment- Critic Box : Reviews about  movies, short films, music videos and theater.

Segment -Voces de cultura: Space to interview different local artist  as well as from Puerto Rico and other countries.

Segment- Del Mundo Kids: Space for Educational and Fun topics. 

Segment -Technology: What’s new?  

Fun, Entertaining, Informative show that will open doors to engage with a public of all ages.  


Radio Show Segment: Del Mundo Kids!

Let’s Learn, Aprendamos! 

Del Mundo Kids, focuses on helping children from the ages of four to twelve, better understand themselves, others and the world around them through creative projects that are colorful, fun, and educational. A space that encourages independent reading, engagement with other cultures and service learning.

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July – August 2018

September 2018



 SHOW Segment  | Voces de Cultura


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