P is for Psoriasis

Our new children’s book is out! What a beautiful journey it has been. Let me tell you the story of how an idea that came to mind, became not only an amazing project but also many other inspiring things.

I have two relatives who have the skin condition called “Psoriasis” and although I’ve seen how it affects them, I really didn’t understand much of it. How common is this condition? Is it contagious? Are there any medications than can help or cure this condition? I felt the urge to research about Psoriasis. After many weeks of information, I learned that millions of people have this condition and it affects kids and babies too.

I watched documentaries, read articles, and interviewed people, I did my homework and soon I knew I wanted to become and advocate and help raise awareness about this condition.

I met Krystel Ivannie at the end of last year. She is a world traveling tattoo artist from Puerto Rico, and I’ve admired her work for years now. She truly is amazing. We met through a radio interview and we just hit it off! I chat with her and explained about this idea I’ve had of incorporating information about Psoriasis to a story for kids. A story about friendship and acceptance to introduce this matter and embrace kindness. I asked her if she would like to create the illustrations for this story and she kindly replied “yes”.

Krystel hand painted in watercolor each and every one of the illustrations and brought up the story in the most beautiful way possible. After months of work, together we created our children’s book “ My best friend, Dylan!”. A few things “highlighted” in the story:

  • Psoriasis is not contagious.
  • Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease.
  • It doesn’t have a cure yet, but there are many treatment options that help with the itching and it flaring up.

I am excited to say that both of my relatives, are feeling more confident and comfortable with their condition. They are visiting their Dermatologist doctors often, eating healthier as recommended and just loving who they are. More importantly I’ve seen how they can freely speak about their condition to others with confidence.

Our story is educating everyone about Psoriasis and reminding those who have it, that they’re not alone and that happiness comes from within, we are all unique and wonderful just the way we are.

Psoriasis Awareness Children’s Book!

I wasn’t planning on writing my next book just yet, but when inspiration knocks on your door, you must open it. I didn’t really realized the importance and responsibility of this industry until now. I am a voice and my words, stories have an impact in people’s life.

Researching about my next project I found out that there’s a gap of information in children’s books specially with topics about certain conditions. I took interest in this matter because if we want to teach kindness and acceptance, we must educate our kids about all things that makes us different, but special at the same time. We need to work on embracing diversity and uniqueness. Having this in mind I decided to write about a condition that millions of people have, but very little speak about.

“My best friend, Dylan” is the title of my upcoming children’s book! It is a beautiful story about a girl whose best friend has the skin condition called “Psoriasis”. She absolutely loves him and goes above and beyond to make him smile. It is an amazing story about friendship.

I have started a #Psoriasisawareness campaign to promote my book in which I educate about this autoimmune condition.

Psoriasis isn’t contagious, awareness is!

I invite you to join my social media @angelicayrodriguez to learn more about our campaign, events and how you can be part of our movement. As a children’s book author my mission is to continue writing stories where kids can learn -practice their reading but also understand our differences in a healthy way. I want them to open my books and say, ” She/ he looks just like me!”.

Angélica Y. Rodríguez

Amazing Bilingual Book Series!

Angélica Rodríguez

Book Author & Radio Personality 

Writing a children’s book was one of my ultimate goals in life. I remember having so many ideas growing up. I was positive that it would happen someday, but I wasn’t sure how to do it, or where to start.

My husband -back then boyfriend- is a graphic designer and I shared with him the idea of creating a book series for children. He helped me find the tools: the publishing companies and formats to make this project possible. In addition, he designed the main characters and eventually all the illustrations.

I was raised in a bilingual household and I will always be grateful to my parents for that.

Having the ability to communicate in two different languages, made me a more broad- minded person. As an adult now, I enjoy learning other languages as well. “Parlo poco Italiano”. 

Having this in mind and as the future mother I will someday be, I decided to write a bilingual book series titled : Bubba the Purple Cat.

If you are following  my social media accounts, I’m pretty sure you already know about our books! Otherwise you’re missing out on a beautiful, educational and fun story.

What makes Bubba the Purple Cat a great book?

It’s important for kids to familiarize with real life situations. In our story we emphasize about pet adoption, family and embracing uniqueness. Throughout our journey,  we have seen how lots of kids feel like they have things in common with the characters, making them feel excited and confident about who they are.

As part of the Marketing that we are creating for our series, we have participated of many local book festivals in Philadelphia, PA and near by states. Opportunities that introduced us to the community and their kid’s education viewpoint. Mainly “Hispanic and Latino” community, have express the excitement of having a friendly -reading bilingual book for their kids, to conserve our roots language.

Cool Note! – The books are fully Illustrated-decorated with bright and colorful images! They are also written in English followed by Spanish words translations.

I feel very excited as a writer by the outcome of our children’s book. Especially because I cannot wait to publish more meaningful stories.

Find your copies today!

Bubba the Purple Cat : Bilingual Book Series

Smiley Bubba-01

Meet the Author : Taller Puertorriqueño 2018

Meet the Author : Angélica Y. Rodríguez

 Taller Puertorriqueño

2600 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19133

March 10th 2018

Hace año y medio la directiva del Taller Puertorriqueño me dio la oportunidad de exponer mis libros a través de su tienda, la cual lleva el nombre de  Julia de Burgos. Ese mismo año ya siendo miembro en el taller, me ofrecieron espacio para llevar a cabo un evento, “Meet the Author”.

Se me hace imposible explicarles el nivel de emoción que tenía, pero sobre todo de los nervios tan enormes que me dieron!

Este evento nos da a los escritores- artístas la oportunidad de conocer a  un público que se ha interesado por nuestro proyecto, y de igual forma, que ellos puedan conocernos. 

Tuve la oportunidad de contarle a todos los allí presentes, sobre cómo surgió nuestro libro y mis futuros planes con la historia para niños. Durante la actividad se realizó una lectura, “Book Signings” y venta de libros.

El 10 de marzo de 2018, ya con un poco más de experiencia y seguridad para hablar frente a un público, se llevó a cabo nuestro segundo “Meet the Author”. Ya para este entonces, había publicado la segunda parte de nuestra serie de libros que se titula ” Bubba the Purple Cat: The First Word”.

La historia de Bubba continúa con la llegada de un nuevo miembro a su familia. Suceso que no se le ha hecho fácil de aceptar. Es por esto que (como de costumbre), planea realizar una serie de travesuras .

Muchas personas creen que porque los gatos pueden ser distantes, no sientes celos. ¡Nada más lejos! Los gatos pueden ser muy celosos. Los gatos tienen celos, o pueden tenerlos, de otros gatos, de otras mascotas (como los perros) y, con frecuencia, de otras personas de la casa.

Ellos pueden parecer distantes pero ven y oyen todo lo que pasa en tu casa, y si no se les da la atención que sienten que merecen, ¡ten por seguro que te lo harán saber!  VER ARTICULO COMPLETO*

Niños de distintas nacionalidades estuvieron presente  y disfrutaron de la actividad mientras practicaban el idioma español por medio de nuestra lectura. 

Disfrutamos de una tarde llena de literatura, risas y un riquísimo pastel diseñado hermosamente con los personajes de nuestro libro.

Gracias a todos los que estuvieron presente! Ustedes me motivan a seguir. Hasta la próxima!

Photography by: Bti Productions

Facebook Live | Q & A 

El pasado Lunes 10 de Julio de 2017 realizé mi primer “Facebook Live” con el propósito de contestar preguntas acerca de nuestra serie de libros infantiles: Bubba the Purple Cat.

La actividad  fue transmitida desde nuestro hogar y tuvo una duración de veintidós minutos con cuarenta y ocho segundos. Aproveché  la oportunidad para conversar con mis seguidores: padres, amistades, maestros y familiares que han estado atentos a nuestro proyecto para niños, y quienes mostraron  interés en la dirección que lleva el mismo.

Además, celebramos el primer aniversario de “Bubba”  compartiendo con todos aquellos que se conectaron y participaron de nuestra actividad.

El primero de Julio del año 2016, publicamos nuestro primer libro para niños a través de la compañía  “Create Space” de Amazon.

“Bubba the Purple Cat” trata de un gatito color violeta que es muy travieso pero también amoroso e inteligente. El famoso gatito es adoptado por una pareja bilingüe y comienza una nueva aventura.

Las aventuras de Bubba continúan con la secuela: “The First Word”. La historia se desarrolla aun más en este segundo libro que estuvimos presentando desde “Facebook Live”, que ya está disponible en Amazon y Create Space Store. Ambos libros están escritos en Inglés pero contienen frases y palabras en Español. Cada página : es completamente ilustrada con colores muy llamativos que resalta la divertida historia.

Mi propósito como escritora con la serie de “Bubba” es que: los niños puedan practicar y aprender a leer dos idiomas a la vez.

Nuestros chicos durante las edades en que usualmente comienzan a practicar la lectura, retienen información mucho más fácil y eficiente. Es por eso que entiendo que ésta es una técnica efectiva y divertida  que pudiera ayudar en su proceso de aprendizaje.

En fin, pasamos una noche muy amena. Recordando nuestra jornada y  compartiendo algunos consejos  para aquellos que también desean escribir y publicar . Finalizamos la grabación animando a todos aquellos que sienten pasión por escribir o cualquier otro tipo de arte. Pues : “Todos tenemos creatividad solo tenemos que descubrir…que  nos apasiona”. 

Con Cariño,

Angélica Y. Rodríguez

Puedes ver el “Facebook Live”, completo aquí⬇️

Angélica es una artista y escritora puertorriqueña, residente de Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Además de publicar la serie de libros para niños Bubba the Purple Cat, también es productora y “Show Host” del programa: Voces de Cultura. El mismo está enfocado en exaltar y promover el arte y cultura latino. Será transmitido a través Youtube y Facebook Live.

Meet the Author – Taller Puertorriqueño

El pasado 1ro de Abril celebramos el evento: “Meet the Author” en el Taller Puertorriqueño. El museo de artes y activades, está localizado en Philadelphia Pennsylvania y es reconocido por sus excelentes eventos que exaltan y promueven la cultura latina.

Ésta actividad fue posible gracias a Carmen Febo- San Miguel, (Directora del taller PR), Jazmin Gutierrez ( Gift Shop Manager) y su magnífico equipo de trabajo.

¡Fue una experiencia sumamente gratificante y emocionante para mi!.

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer algunos “fans“, dialogar con ellos acerca de mi libro y compartir ideas-opiniones sobre la historia principal.

“Algo que me impactó muchísimo es que cada persona que leyó el libro se identificó de distinta manera.  Comprendieron que el mismo, lleva un mensaje que establece que ser diferente es algo bueno y hermoso”.

Muchas personas se me acercaron y me dijeron: “Me encanta porque el niño/a que lea el libro y se sienta diferente, entenderá que eso es está bien!”.

La actividad comenzó con el “Book Selling-Book Signing”. ¡Fue un éxito total! Sold Out!  Durante mi presentación: hablé sobre como surgió la historia, el proceso de crearlo y futuros proyectos. Finalicé la actividad con un ” book reading”, y contesté preguntas acerca del libro.

¡Fue un honor conocer  lectores  y fanáticos de mi trabajo! ¡ Los espero en la próxima!


Visita  el Taller Puertorriqueño 👈🏻

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Mother’s Day at Para ti Mujer

Había pasado la semana antes del día de las madres planificando hacer ese día uno inolvidable para mi mamá.

Emma, nos invitó a varias chicas-empresarias y madres para que participáramos  del programa especial de ese domingo en su show: Para ti Mujer.

Pensé, ¡Perfecto! “Traeré a mami para que tenga esa experiencia de ser parte de un programa de radio”.

Fue una mañana hermosa y bien emotiva. El programa comenzó con el testimonio de tres madres que perdieron a sus hijos por medio de la violencia. Éstas fuertes y luchadoras mujeres, celebraron su día llevando un mensaje a otras madres que han pasado por la misma difícil situación. Brindando apoyo y expresando que la violencia no es la solución.

Durante la segunda sección dialogamos: Yaya Rivera (Motivational Speaker), Xunaxi (Sexual-health, educational speaker), mami y yo. Estuvimos hablando y compartiendo nuestras experiencias de la niñez y tocamos el tema de la famosa “chancleta” (jaja).

Además mami tuvo un espacio para dar su opinión sobre la crianza de un hijo/a.

¡Demás está decir que logré mi propósito! Mami pasó el día bien feliz y emocionada. Para culminar el día nos fuimos a comer y luego al cine.

Una madre merece todo.¡ Yo la celebro todos los días!

¡Feliz día de las Madres!💐

Mami ❤️

Para ti Mujer 

On April 23rd I was interviewed at Philadelphia’s Radio station, ‘El Zol’ for the show: “Para ti Mujer, con Emma Restrepo”. 

The idea of Emma’s show is simply  inspiring.

Her show is dedicated to women all around the world and encourages us “Latinas” living in the US, to fight for our rights and to be exactly who we want to be.

Most importantly, she motivates us Women to work together: to meet-network, embrace our dreams, ideas and knowledge. During my morning interview, I had the opportunity to meet other extraordinary women: entrepreneurs, book authors and we all shared our stories.

Emma gave me the opportunity to speak about my published Children’s book and other projects to come.

“I strongly believe in women empowerment. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing women develop great roles in our society, with uniqueness and passion”. 

I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Emma is an inspiration and a true believer.
Follow her Facebook page! Para ti mujer 💋🕶☕️


Radio Interview :Mega 105.7 FM 1310 AM 

We met Marilyn Rodríguez host of “Ahora si!” radio show at a networking event. We immediately got impressed with her talent, creativity and charisma. She later invited us to the 6th anniversary Gala of the show which  was very elegant and well organized. Amazing artists, business owners and fashion designers participated of the event.

We got a good taste of our Puertorrican culture and our roots!

Later… Marilyn gave us the opportunity to participate of her the radio show!

I was able to present my book and speak about the process of  creating, the story, characters and future projects.

We had an amazing time along, Pedro “El señor bolero” (co-host) her team and the music of “Los Hermanos Gonzalez” from Utuado, Puerto Rico.

It was a very emotional morning. I sang my heart out to the “trios” music. Specially, with the song “Boricua en la Luna”. 🇵🇷  “¡Sabor latino!”.

We are so grateful for the opportunity and excited to have been part of such an amazing experience!

La Mega radio interview! ⬇️

Photography by: Bti Productions 

Radio Show Interview : Own your Career with Rod Colon

Radio Show Interview : Own your Career with Rod Colon

The year 2016 was a year full of surprises. One of the extraordinary things that happened was that I started my career as a children’s book author. It’s been an amazing journey! I’ve met many creative and just beautiful people along the way and the experience of sharing  stories for kids is wonderful.

Networking with other book authors and business owners around Philadelphia and New Jersey, lead me to bigger opportunities.

While presenting my first Children’s book:”Bubba the Purple Cat“, at the Hispanic Leadership Summit, (New Jersey)  I met Rod Colon.

Rod is a : Motivational speaker, Career Strategist, Corporate Trainer, Net-worker and RADIO HOST! Soon after our conversation Rod invited me to his Radio Show: Own your Career. On December 5th  at 9:00 pm I was interviewed with the show titled: “If I can write a book  you can write a book”. It was such an exciting moment and opportunity! I got the chance to not only speak about my book and the process of creating it, but to also motivate others to embrace their creativity and  to WRITE!

I’m so grateful for this opportunity and just so ready to continue creating stories for readers of all ages.

If you would like to listen to this interview you can find it here in the link below! Let me know your opinion! If you have any other questions as to: how to write a book , projects or other events to come…contact me!