P is for Psoriasis

Our new children’s book is out! What a beautiful journey it has been. Let me tell you the story of how an idea that came to mind, became not only an amazing project but also many other inspiring things.

I have two relatives who have the skin condition called “Psoriasis” and although I’ve seen how it affects them, I really didn’t understand much of it. How common is this condition? Is it contagious? Are there any medications than can help or cure this condition? I felt the urge to research about Psoriasis. After many weeks of information, I learned that millions of people have this condition and it affects kids and babies too.

I watched documentaries, read articles, and interviewed people, I did my homework and soon I knew I wanted to become and advocate and help raise awareness about this condition.

I met Krystel Ivannie at the end of last year. She is a world traveling tattoo artist from Puerto Rico, and I’ve admired her work for years now. She truly is amazing. We met through a radio interview and we just hit it off! I chat with her and explained about this idea I’ve had of incorporating information about Psoriasis to a story for kids. A story about friendship and acceptance to introduce this matter and embrace kindness. I asked her if she would like to create the illustrations for this story and she kindly replied “yes”.

Krystel hand painted in watercolor each and every one of the illustrations and brought up the story in the most beautiful way possible. After months of work, together we created our children’s book “ My best friend, Dylan!”. A few things “highlighted” in the story:

  • Psoriasis is not contagious.
  • Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease.
  • It doesn’t have a cure yet, but there are many treatment options that help with the itching and it flaring up.

I am excited to say that both of my relatives, are feeling more confident and comfortable with their condition. They are visiting their Dermatologist doctors often, eating healthier as recommended and just loving who they are. More importantly I’ve seen how they can freely speak about their condition to others with confidence.

Our story is educating everyone about Psoriasis and reminding those who have it, that they’re not alone and that happiness comes from within, we are all unique and wonderful just the way we are.

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