Psoriasis Awareness Children’s Book!

I wasn’t planning on writing my next book just yet, but when inspiration knocks on your door, you must open it. I didn’t really realized the importance and responsibility of this industry until now. I am a voice and my words, stories have an impact in people’s life.

Researching about my next project I found out that there’s a gap of information in children’s books specially with topics about certain conditions. I took interest in this matter because if we want to teach kindness and acceptance, we must educate our kids about all things that makes us different, but special at the same time. We need to work on embracing diversity and uniqueness. Having this in mind I decided to write about a condition that millions of people have, but very little speak about.

“My best friend, Dylan” is the title of my upcoming children’s book! It is a beautiful story about a girl whose best friend has the skin condition called “Psoriasis”. She absolutely loves him and goes above and beyond to make him smile. It is an amazing story about friendship.

I have started a #Psoriasisawareness campaign to promote my book in which I educate about this autoimmune condition.

Psoriasis isn’t contagious, awareness is!

I invite you to join my social media @angelicayrodriguez to learn more about our campaign, events and how you can be part of our movement. As a children’s book author my mission is to continue writing stories where kids can learn -practice their reading but also understand our differences in a healthy way. I want them to open my books and say, ” She/ he looks just like me!”.

Angélica Y. Rodríguez

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