Amazing Bilingual Book Series!

Angélica Rodríguez

Book Author & Radio Personality 

Writing a children’s book was one of my ultimate goals in life. I remember having so many ideas growing up. I was positive that it would happen someday, but I wasn’t sure how to do it, or where to start.

My husband -back then boyfriend- is a graphic designer and I shared with him the idea of creating a book series for children. He helped me find the tools: the publishing companies and formats to make this project possible. In addition, he designed the main characters and eventually all the illustrations.

I was raised in a bilingual household and I will always be grateful to my parents for that.

Having the ability to communicate in two different languages, made me a more broad- minded person. As an adult now, I enjoy learning other languages as well. “Parlo poco Italiano”. 

Having this in mind and as the future mother I will someday be, I decided to write a bilingual book series titled : Bubba the Purple Cat.

If you are following  my social media accounts, I’m pretty sure you already know about our books! Otherwise you’re missing out on a beautiful, educational and fun story.

What makes Bubba the Purple Cat a great book?

It’s important for kids to familiarize with real life situations. In our story we emphasize about pet adoption, family and embracing uniqueness. Throughout our journey,  we have seen how lots of kids feel like they have things in common with the characters, making them feel excited and confident about who they are.

As part of the Marketing that we are creating for our series, we have participated of many local book festivals in Philadelphia, PA and near by states. Opportunities that introduced us to the community and their kid’s education viewpoint. Mainly “Hispanic and Latino” community, have express the excitement of having a friendly -reading bilingual book for their kids, to conserve our roots language.

Cool Note! – The books are fully Illustrated-decorated with bright and colorful images! They are also written in English followed by Spanish words translations.

I feel very excited as a writer by the outcome of our children’s book. Especially because I cannot wait to publish more meaningful stories.

Find your copies today!

Bubba the Purple Cat : Bilingual Book Series

Smiley Bubba-01

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