Para ti Mujer 

On April 23rd I was interviewed at Philadelphia’s Radio station, ‘El Zol’ for the show: “Para ti Mujer, con Emma Restrepo”. 

The idea of Emma’s show is simply  inspiring.

Her show is dedicated to women all around the world and encourages us “Latinas” living in the US, to fight for our rights and to be exactly who we want to be.

Most importantly, she motivates us Women to work together: to meet-network, embrace our dreams, ideas and knowledge. During my morning interview, I had the opportunity to meet other extraordinary women: entrepreneurs, book authors and we all shared our stories.

Emma gave me the opportunity to speak about my published Children’s book and other projects to come.

“I strongly believe in women empowerment. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing women develop great roles in our society, with uniqueness and passion”. 

I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Emma is an inspiration and a true believer.
Follow her Facebook page! Para ti mujer 💋🕶☕️


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