Radio Show Interview : Own your Career with Rod Colon

Radio Show Interview : Own your Career with Rod Colon

The year 2016 was a year full of surprises. One of the extraordinary things that happened was that I started my career as a children’s book author. It’s been an amazing journey! I’ve met many creative and just beautiful people along the way and the experience of sharing  stories for kids is wonderful.

Networking with other book authors and business owners around Philadelphia and New Jersey, lead me to bigger opportunities.

While presenting my first Children’s book:”Bubba the Purple Cat“, at the Hispanic Leadership Summit, (New Jersey)  I met Rod Colon.

Rod is a : Motivational speaker, Career Strategist, Corporate Trainer, Net-worker and RADIO HOST! Soon after our conversation Rod invited me to his Radio Show: Own your Career. On December 5th  at 9:00 pm I was interviewed with the show titled: “If I can write a book  you can write a book”. It was such an exciting moment and opportunity! I got the chance to not only speak about my book and the process of creating it, but to also motivate others to embrace their creativity and  to WRITE!

I’m so grateful for this opportunity and just so ready to continue creating stories for readers of all ages.

If you would like to listen to this interview you can find it here in the link below! Let me know your opinion! If you have any other questions as to: how to write a book , projects or other events to come…contact me!



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